Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Indiana to release 10 new specialty plates

Indianapolis CBS affiliate WISH-TV reports today that Indiana motorists will have 10 new specialty license plates to choose from in 2012.  Photos are not yet available, but the plates and the programs they will fund are:
  • Ducks Unlimited, Inc. — wetland conservation
  • Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police Foundation — education and training programs
  • Indiana Motor Truck Association — safer motoring environment
  • Indiana Patriot Guard Riders — care packages to deployed troops
  • Indiana Soccer — soccer outreach programs in the state
  • Indiana Youth Institute — support for community program
  • Indiana University Health — Methodist Health Foundation
  • Indianapolis Zoological Society, Inc. — animal food stock and medicine
  • Marine Foundation of  Indiana, Inc. — scholarships, Toys for Tots and Young  Marines
  • Tony Stewart Foundation — grants to Indiana non-profit groups 
The new plates will bring the total of specialty editions available to 99.  Is that too many?  Not enough?  What do you think?

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