Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kentucky's new "In God We Trust" plate not terribly popular ... yet

When Kentucky introduced its new "In God We Trust" license plate at the beginning of the year, the barely-changed design (compared to the standard "Unbridled Spirit" issue) led me to wonder if it would be as popular as the prettier design of Indiana's plate.

Evidently it isn't.

I realize it's only late March, but since January, I've seen a grand total of THREE of the new plates, and I live in the fourth-largest city in Kentucky.  Meanwhile, I've seen countless newly-issued "Unbridled Spirit" plates.

Cost isn't the problem; the new plates are no more expensive (at $21 plus the usual taxes and fees) than their counterparts, so I have to wonder:  Why is this plate not selling better?

I have my suspicions ... but what do YOU think???