Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kentucky trusts God ... enough to give Him a really lame license plate

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When it came time to put God on their license plates, Indiana and Oklahoma at least had the decency to put the Lord's name on a good-looking plate.

Kentucky just phoned it in.

The Bluegrass State's new "In God We Trust" plate, which goes on sale in January 2011, looks little different from the standard "Unbridled Spirit" issue that debuted five years ago.  That slogan and its horse-headed logo still grace the plate, albeit in much-smaller form.

One would think that a state that's willing to give tens of millions of dollars in tax breaks to a bunch of religious nuts for a Noah's Ark theme park would be willing to give the King of Kings and Lord of Lords a little more respect than His name on a retreaded design.

But if one does think that, one would be wrong.

There is good news, though:  Like their neighbors to the north, Kentuckians who want to share their trust in the Almighty won't have to pay more for the privilege.  Both the standard and IGWT plates will cost you $21 plus applicable taxes and fees.

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