Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another new look for Indiana's truck plates?

Indiana BMV image
I've been looking at pictures of Indiana's new crop of license plates for 2011 (which can be found on the BMV's website), and one caught my eye.

It appears that truck plates are changing to the same numbering format as regular passenger plates.  Well, at least it looks that way from the picture.

But maybe it'll be different once the plates actually hit the road.  Maybe.  And maybe they'll center the numbers and letters.

Or maybe they'll put the letters "TK" in front of the number.


Oh, and speaking of letters in front of the numbers on plates (which I told you about some months ago) here's the list of the ones I know now:

D - Disabled
DF & DH - Disabled Veteran
F - Farm
M - Motorcycle
PH - Purple Heart
R - RV
SP - Semi trailer, permanent
SE - Semi trailer, non-permanent
TR - Trailer

I'll add to this list as I see others, of course.

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