Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kentucky makes a minor change

Here in Kentucky, changes to license plates in the middle of a cycle don't happen too often, so when they happen, it's something to write about.

When the current "Unbridled Spirit" plate hit the JC* series (on passenger plates), the state switched to new, narrower stamping dies that were first rolled out for special-issue plates.

That was change enough for some people, but this year there are even more changes:
  • The reflective sheeting, once supplied by 3M, is now being supplied by another company -- we believe it's Avery Dennison, although we're not 100% sure on that -- and if past experience in other states is any indication, the plates won't last as long.
  • The light blue at the bottom of each plate is brighter now, again, probably because of the switch in sheeting suppliers.
  • County stickers (on passenger plates, not pictured here) have been changed to appear more like the ones made for the 1998-2003 cloud base, although they are still white on blue.  However, they are not holding up well, tending to peel around the edges (or more) after as little as two or three months exposed to ... well ... air.

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