Monday, March 22, 2010

More on Indiana's new unique plate numbering system

UPDATE, APRIL 29:  I'm late getting this posted, but I saw a couple of new farm truck plates last weekend, and they are now green on white, with numbers in the F123AB format.  I didn't get one number, but the other one I can confirm was F717BT.

UPDATE, APRIL 10:  Motorcycle plates, also once all-numeric, are now also being reissued with new numbers; apparently they are all starting with "M," with M284D verifiable as seen here.

To answer one question that I have been asked, it appears truck plates are being left alone.  They are all-numeric, but as there are more of those than the types being replaced, my gut feeling is that their numbering system won't be changed -- if it gets changed at all -- until the next regular reissue beginning in 2013.

UPDATE, MARCH 28:  Standard trailer plates are also being replaced with plates having a new numbering system.  I saw one today but was unable to get its entire number (I was practically past it before I even noticed it on the highway).  The plates, which have blue letters and numbers on a white background, have a "TR123ABC" serial format.

I'm getting more details on Indiana's new unique plate numbering system, including one plate type that most of us probably don't think too much about:  Semi trailers.

Spotters who've reported in at say that there are still two varieties of semi trailer plates, one which is revalidated annually and the other which is permanent.
  • Those with annual expirations are numbered in the following format:  SE123ABC
  • Permanent plates are numbered as follows:  SP123ABC
I've yet to see any of the new plates on the road, but I'm sure I will before too long.

In other news, the Indianapolis Star reported last week that all plates which are getting new numbering formats will be replaced by the end of this year.  Those will include RV, handicap and most other numeric-only plates.

Those specialty plates which have small, stacked letters (which is most of them) will be replaced in 2011.


  1. Can you please post a picture of an Indiana municipal vehicle plate. I can't find a picture of one on the BMV website. All they have are the .pdf forms needed to get one.

  2. Andy, I'll see if I can draw one up. They're really pretty plain; black characters on a light blue background.