Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Truck plates 1986-93

1986 brought the first major design change to Indiana's truck plates in nearly 20 years.  The state abbreviation, weight class and two-digit year were all crammed above the plate number, and a new, wide county sticker graced the area at the bottom of the plate.

Month stickers finally became commonplace in 1986 as well; indeed, my dad's plate got two of them:  One in the upper left-hand corner (where it was supposed to be) and another in the lower left-hand corner.  Oops.

This design wouldn't have the staying power of the 1966-85 era; indeed, it would only last until 1993, and then only because the state finally crammed six digits and a small weight class letter at the end, at least on the 7,000-lb. plates

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