Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Truck plates 1980-85

If you look closely at the pictures at left, you'll immediately notice that there is no 1981 plate.  Right?


On Feb. 28, 1981, the 1980 plate expired, and the 1982 plate was issued, as Indiana finally included trucks in the staggered registration system.  However, since the corner boxes were still around, there was no good place to put a month sticker.

The corner boxes went away with the 1984 issue, enabling the use of month stickers, but most license branches didn't bother putting them on the plates.  Occasionally you'll find an example, but the majority of the ones I've seen are '85 issues.

One interesting note about the '85 plate pictured:  For whatever reason, the inmate running the embossing machine put in an "I" die instead of a "1."  This happened on quite a few plates.  The one pictured was never issued, but several were.

Finally, even though passenger plates went to a multi-year replacement schedule in 1981 (with the 1982 "Hoosier State" issue), trucks would retain yearly plates for a while longer.

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