Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Indiana truck plates, moving into the modern era (1950-1965)

Beginning in 1950, Indiana's truck plates began to look a little more modern, even though plates numbered higher than 99999 -- were wider than standard plates.

The word "TRUCK" was embossed in stacked, squat letters to the left of the number.

Beginning in 1957, plates were divided into weight classes, with "A"-suffix plates signifying a 4,000-lb. gross-weight-rated truck (yes, some trucks were that light back then), and a "D"-suffix plate (as shown at left) signifying a larger, 16,000-lb. GVWR truck.  Prior to '57, when weight classes were signified at all, it was done through the sporadic use of weight tax plates that were usually attached to the main plate.

Color schemes were identical in all of these years to passenger and other plates.

The 1951 and 1954 plates were revalidated in 1952, 1953 and 1955 through the use of numbered strips, as on passenger cars.

Unlike most 1964 plates, however, 1964 truck plates were not issued with reflectorized numbers.  This would wait until 1965.

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