Friday, October 30, 2009

UPDATE to my trade plates list

All of the previously-available plates I listed for trade are still here, but I recently got some more that I'd be willing to part with for the right trade offer. All plates are in at least VG condition except where noted differently.

1972-73 #82A6830
1974 #82E8542
1975 #82J2190
1976 #29B5192
1976 #82C3858
1978 #82E9500 (in good shape, but background is darker than it should be)
1988 #6B4038 (Back Home Again base)

2006 #615 LHA (smiley base, Daviess County)

1996 unstickered #3K 2501
1997 stickered #8F 4387

Saturday, October 3, 2009

RV plates

When we got our "new-to-us" 2000 Jayco Designer motorhome recently (you'll find its photo at left), it started me thinking about RV plates from different states.

Oklahoma, which is where we got our rig, does not separate RVs from any other vehicles. Thus the motorhome had the standard "Native America" plate that Oklahoma had used since the mid-'90s.

Indiana and Kentucky, of course, do have special RV plates.

Indiana's RV plates since 1980 or so have been similar in design to passenger plates (except for no county coding until last year and the letters "RV" to the left of the plate number). In the early years of the multi-year plates (1984-1992), RV validation stickers were different, but since 1993, they've been the same as all the others.

Kentucky, on the other hand, didn't switch RV plates to the basic passenger plate design until the wildly unpopular "smiley sun" plate debuted in 2003. Prior to that, they were based on the plainer truck plate design. On the "smiley" issue, the plates maintained the stamped "RECREATIONAL VEHICLE" designation across the bottom of the plate. This proved rather difficult to read, as the dark blue lettering on the dark green "hills" became nearly invisible at a distance.

When former Governor Ernie Fletcher announced to much relief (!) that the unpopular "smiley" plate would be killed off in 2005, RV plates switched to the new -- and current -- "Unbridled Spirit" design. This time around, instead of stamping the designation into the plate itself, "RECREATIONAL VEHICLE" is printed in white on a bright blue sticker. It is placed on the plate in a debossed area between the lower two bolt holes, not unlike county stickers on passenger plates.

You will notice that, despite the fact that this is a newly-issued plate, it uses the same number stamping dies that Kentucky used beginning in 1987, not the new, narrower (and, arguably, harder to read) set introduced last year.

I'm not sure why RV plates haven't yet switched to the new dies, but if I were to venture a guess, it's probably because there are far fewer RV plates issued than most other varieties, and the state usually stockpiles far more plates than are normally needed. The repeating holographic security image (a silhouette of Kentucky with two digits inside) in the center of this particular plate marks it as having been made in 2007, well before the new dies were introduced.

As far as numbering, all RV plates begin with 1H at this point. Once 1HZ 999 is reached, it's my understanding that the next plate in the sequence will be 2HA 000. The "H" is constant, signifying RVs' former name: House cars.

I'm still studying how other states designate RVs on their license plates, so if you have information to contribute, please let me know!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Plates I need (with a list of my traders)

Since I've gotten all of the old plates I need, what I'm doing now is replacing crummy plates and adding the newest ones.

Here's a list of what I need now:

Current "In God We Trust" plate; years '08-'09-'10
Current "Lincoln's Boyhood Home" plate; years '09-'10
Current dark blue state seal plate; '10

And here's what I have to trade (just a partial list at present, please e-mail for pictures):


Undated #MLK 359 (Rainbow base)

1973 #J/O S 11231
1974 #R/N M 2767
1981 #M/I C 397 (dark blue wheat base)
1988 #J/F J 1447 (white sunflower/wheat base)

2005 #902 MNG (Smiley base)

1976 #P7F-128 (late darker blue base)

2004 #EW39YA (Bicentennial base)

1996 #019 HXB (Ski base)


1996 #BDG-629 (New/Nouveau Brunswick "ship" base)

1989 #NRJ 237 (wheat base)


Thanks for stopping by my new License Plate Blog! Since Yahoo! is pulling the rug out from under my six-and-a-half-year-long project over at my website, I decided to move my Indiana plates on over here to Blogspot.

This isn't as fancy as my old site, but I have tried to make it user-friendly. If I've failed, I apologize. Any suggestions you might have are welcome, and you can e-mail me or leave a comment at any entry on the site.

I started this crazy journey to collect one license plate for every year Indiana has issued them back in about 1983. With a lot of help from family, friends and even total strangers, I finally plugged the last gap in the collection -- my 1914 plate -- thanks to my beloved wife, Ginger, who bought it for me on eBay as a birthday/anniversary present.

Anyway, this is it, so come on in and enjoy!