Thursday, May 21, 2009

1977 - What's this? Something new!?

When the time came to replace their 1976 plates, Hoosier motorists might have been a bit surprised to see that they received ... another 1976 plate?

Yes, that's the date on the plate, but only because 1976 marked America's bicentennial, and Indiana chose the year to get into a new field in the design of their license plates -- GRAPHICS!

Indiana's design for the plates expiring in 1977 featured a Minuteman in red, 1976 and INDIANA at the top, and "Heritage State" at the bottom.

Many 1977 plates I've seen -- the one pictured is an example -- carried month stickers that were cut (sometimes haphazardly) from the longer 1970-76 stickers. That's one way to save a few pennies, I guess.

This plate was issued in Boone County to Mr. Clifton Porter, a neighbor of my grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. F.C. Newkirk.

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